8am - 12pm | Sunday 03 November 2019

Handi Resco Building, 521 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh District


8am - 12pm | Sunday 24 November 2019

702 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7

Join the Creative Experience Day to attend fun workshops, explore our campuses, interact with industry experts and learn about study options and career prospects in the fields of communication and design


Information session

Information session

Learn about the School of Communication & Design’s programs and hear from our industry and alumni who are working in creative industries, as well as our current students

Interactive workshops

The art of the fold

Learn the fundamentals of folding techniques in the design process and how to apply it to your design project.

Photoshop like a pro

Want to know how to edit and manipulate photos? Get insights into photoshopping techniques and try your hand at making brand new images by combining old ones!

Drawing for design

Take the first steps to creating your own work of art with our quick and fun drawing exercises!

Game on!

Learn about the basics of game design! This workshops introduces you to areas such as interactive stories and game environments.

Animate in 3D

This workshop gives you insights into the basics of 3D software for animation. Try your hand at modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering!

Show your style

Explore your own fashion styles and create a personal mood board to start the design process.

Got flair? Bag it!

Learn about the digital printing process, embroidery skills and software involved in creating fashion bags. Then have a go at making your own tote bag!

Draw the next trend

Combine your passion for fashion and drawing by creating a personal fashion illustration. Learn the fundamentals of fashion drawing skills and key principles.

Essentials for scriptwriting

Learn how to build characters and structure a storyline in this fun workshop. Through a series of games, gain insights into the basics of scriptwriting.

Become a micro-influencer

The power of micro-influencers is rising in the world of advertising and public relations. Use your smartphone to develop digitial content and build your own identity on Instagram.

Instagramming the city

See how prominent Instagram users are documenting their experiences of life in Ho Chi Minh City. Discover the role social media plays in conveying stories and ideas, and have a go at crafting your own Insta collection!

Branding – the good, the bad and the ugly

Get insights into how brands can inspire through meaningful stories. Compare examples of good and not-so-good branding, and come up with your own.

Layouts that catch the eye

Want to know what it takes to create exciting layouts? This workshop explores the basics of good layout design for digital and print publications.

Give your brand personality

Connect your product with your audience, evoke emotions and see branding from a new perspective.

Hack your memory

Use your creativity in a practical way by learning how to 'hack' your memory to memorise a list of items.

Fabulous you: swipe right or left?

Practice pitching ideas confidently and become a likeable communicator.

Translate to connect

Discover how the fundamentals of translation can help you in shaping meaning when communicating across cultures.

Konnichiwa, Japan!

Test your knowledge of Japanese culture in a fun quiz and practise your Japanese as a famous animation character.

Think, speak, create!

Creativity is at the heart of every great innovation. Join this English workshop to learn new ways to reach your potential as an innovator.

English on Mars

Holidays to Mars may soon be a reality. So let our Martians show you how innovation, creativity and communication go hand in hand.

Explore your career paths

Join this motivating workshop to find a career path that matches your personality and skill set.

Overcome cultural gaps

Sharpen your intercultural skills and take the first steps to becoming a successful global citizen.

‘Process’ – Student projects showcase

Triển lãm ngành học và dự án sinh viên
Tour tham quan trường
Tour tham quan trường
Triển lãm ngành học và dự án sinh viên
Các quầy tư vấn thông tin
Tour tham quan trường
Triển lãm ngành học và dự án sinh viên
Các quầy tư vấn thông tin
Tour tham quan trường

Design Studies

Get a strong foundation in designing and then choose from specialisations such as graphic design, fashion design, illustration and digital imaging

Design (Digital Media)

Master the technological trends that are creating new possibilities in areas such as design, visual effects and game design

Professional Communication

Become a specialist communicator who is ready for a career in advertising or public relations

Fashion (Merchandise Management)

Combine your flair for fashion and sense for business for a career in the fashion and textiles industry


Understand language in different cultural contexts and specialise in the fields of Japanese or translating and interpreting, or both

Digital Film and Video

Develop creative skills and technical expertise to pursue a career in crafting films and videos

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